About Us

Reach Out is an undergraduate organization at whose mission is to foster a sense of global responsibility and increase awareness of the struggles faced by citizens of developing countries around the world. Reach Out fulfills this mission by organizing international service trips, follow-up projects and events related to international development.

Reach Out is based on the belief that education about the challenges faced by the developing world, along with direct participation in service projects abroad can empower Yale students to work toward international political, economic, and environmental justice in the future. We hope to build a community of students committed to playing an active role in international sustainable development efforts. Whenever possible, we attempt to involve Yale students in hands-on work in the countries we visit, such as building a house, collaborating in research, restoring old books, or working on an organic farm. We believe one of the best ways to increase understanding across cultures is through personal ties. We thus strive to create personal ties between Yale students and people from other countries through our programs.